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Report on the tourism activity of "Pin Xiang Yuan" marketing team in 2018

2018-10-14 source:Hainan Pinxiang Park Food Co., Ltd. Click:
Report on the tourism activity of "Pin Xiang Yuan" marketing team  in 2018
         Autumn meaning is gradually thick. Relaxed wind is stepping gentle pace to approach gradually. At this time, traveling is the best choice to relax and cultivate our sentiments after intense and busy work, which leads us to enjoy the different scenery. 
        On 20th Sep. 2018, tourism activity of our company’s marketing team began with beautiful  morning sunshine. More than one hundred staffs set off cheerfully.

OK, dear, let's get on the happiness bus.
Enjoying the Hainan ecology tourism together!
Part 1 Tourism of Nanwan Monkey Island
      After about two hours' drive, the happiness bus arrived at the first station, Nanwan Monkey Island.

       In order to get to the Monkey Island, everyone should take cable car firstly. On cable car, you can enjoy the coolness of the island breeze and the whole beautiful scenery of the island, including green hills,clear water, beach, coconut forests and charming coastal fishing port. How magnificent!

     Once get off cable car, through the passage and walked into the gate, you can see many lovely monkeys were having fun there. It seemed to welcome our arrival!!
       At a leisure afternoon, a female monkey was sitting on a rock with her baby with enjoyment.
       What we expected most was the macaques acrobatics performance. Under the leadership of the monkey band, monkeys performed a number of difficult skills such as walking on steel wire, walking on stilts and lifting rings, especially the monkey rode a bicycle in long distance and rode a bicycle over the seesaw.
Amazing, my Monkey Bro!

After watching the wonderful acrobatic troupe performance, we came halfway up the mountain
Our staffs started to take pictures.


How beautiful they are!
After photoing, we followed the step of the tour guide and got down the mountain

Do not leave!!!
     Monkeys are really spiritual. It seemed that they knew we were going to leave and they all watched at us as we left.
    After a short half-day trip, we headed to our next stop.

Part 2  Outdoor Extension

Teamwork and Communication Lead to Success
      After one morning trip, let's relax and do some team activities in the afternoon.
      Activity began! Let’s do some interesting warm-up exercises firstly: rubbing shoulders, back massage. Everyone stood in line and prepared for the activities, someone’s behaviors were so funny,  which made others laughed happily.

       Started building teams! The coach assigned six teams randomly. Each team named their team, chose team songs, practiced slogans and displayed poss to show the team's grace. 

 The team’s battle was about to begin.
Which team was the BEST?

Pearl Game


       This game was called Pearl Game, which stimulated the potential of a team, enhanced team cooperation, experienced the importance of a team.
Move Forward Together”



      This game challenged the team's ability to work together and improved the team's relationship.
      The final project of the expansion training was Team Power Circle. Everyone worked hard to exert strength. The energy circle became stronger and stronger and the whole team draw 666 circles in the air. How excellent the teamwork is!

       “With concerted efforts, everything can be achieved”. Team Power Circle mobilized the enthusiasm of the team members, stimulated the collective wisdom, team spirit of potential, insistence and hard working. 
        Happy smile appeared on the face of everybody, which shows enjoyment for such wonderful day!  
        After team worked activities, the group went to the Qixianyaochi Hot Spring Resort Hotel and checked in. To everyone’s surprise, the hotel was exactly beautiful and wonderful. What a happy day! Everybody were not only cheerful but also really thankful to having such a wonderful trip.

Part 3  Yanuoda Tropical Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone
         The next morning, after delicious breakfast, everybody started again. For about one hour's drive, our team came to Yanuoda Tropical Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone. Once we got it, such unique beautiful tropical rainforest landscape, we felt like we were in the fairyland and tropical paradise.

         After finishing the journey in Yanuoda, everyone came to the local specialty restaurant and enjoyed the delicious farm-flavored dishes!!!

Cool! Yummy! Yummy! 
Part 4   Coconut Field in Ancient Village
             After lunch, everyone came to the "Coconut Field in Ancient Village", an ethnic cultural tourism zone. Everybody who entered it should learn to speak "moding" and "baibaihei". Guess what dose it mean!

        It is said that women were the masters of a family in the village. Following the funny tour guide, we saw several old women weaving a blue and purple cloth with an ancient brocade machine.We greeted with them by using the minority language we had learned. Grandmas smiled and said "baibaihei" to us.

        On the long wooden frame, there were rows of cow skulls. Local people believed that cows were the most faithful friends, and also were kinds of mascot, which would bring peace and happiness to people’s life.

Let's get luck from them!

Everybody was really positive to touch the pot for good luck.


      Time flies, happy journey comes to the end, but the journey of our life is still going on. It is really a wonderful and leisure journey, just like a paean to youth...Everyone enjoys it very well and really loves such united family- Pin Xiang Yuan family!


                          Our Vision:
                          To be the leader of Hainan specialty food industry!
                          Our Mission:
                          Integrating tropical resources, complying with food safety regulations,
                          Providing green healthy specialty food for customers.

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? 2017 Hainan Shannon Garden Food Co., Ltd.

address:Qionghai City Jihai Fuhai Industrial Zone

Add : Qionghai City Jiaji town Fuhai industrial district

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